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“We are living within this wider thing, the mundus imaginalis, the soul of the world, and your dreams and your opinions are connected to waterfalls and jaguars and lightning storms.” ~Martin Shaw

New Moon blessings!

How was your time in “the chrysalis” during this past month?

Maybe you had a few days in the holy mud, or had cause to let go of formal conventions for awhile. That blessed in-between makes a molting process possible, and the new skin to grow just beneath the old.

Step into the wilderness and slip out of time. Get dirt on your skin and quiet in your heart. Concentrate on birdsong and bugtrails and grit and your animal body.
~ Dreamfruit: Chrysalis Moon

Now, we are entering the first lunar cycle of Autumn which, in Dreamfruit, is known as the Imago Moon.

Remember who you are.

In the weeks ahead, I hope you’ll find a way to trace your roots and update the story you tell about where you come from. In the evolutionary journey, all heritage is noble.

Where do you come from? Look for traits in common with fish, tree and sky.
~ Dreamfruit: Imago Moon

This month’s New Moon Cafe is a lunar download which includes a meditation to uncover your kinship with the elements of life as well as connect with your personal ancestry. (Scroll down to purchase the recording.)

In other news…

Dreamfruit 2024 is coming!

I’ve been in my own ‘chrysalis’ these days, looking ahead to next year and wandering the shores of time to write the 2024 edition of Dreamfruit (our 5th year!). The contours of the emerging dreamscape are slowly beginning to take shape, and I can tell you that 2024 is very much a liminal time.

I’ll be delving deeply into next year’s themes in the coming weeks & can’t wait to share what I find. Keep an eye out for my annual pre-order campaign, which will include exclusive offers and sneak peeks into the world of Dreamfruit 2024.

Your earthling journey . . .

It’s exciting to see so many of you enjoying my Earthling 101 mini-course lately. Thank you for jumping in! Curious? You can read more about it at the bottom of this message. And feel free to visit my updated website anytime to gather inspiring tools to support your own place in the larger circle of the world.

Yours on the path,

p.s. I made a special playlist just for this moon! You can enjoy it on Spotify at this link. It runs for an hour or so and is a musical immersion into this month’s themes. Enjoy on shuffle! 😀

Keep reading for key dates in this lunation and other treats

New Moon Cafe

Imago edition

In this month’s journey, you’re invited to dive into your deepest kinship with all life, through the magical elements of creation. Follow the link to get a 30 minute mini-session on the themes of this lunar cycle.

Magical Dates & Planet Cameos in this Lunar Cycle

  • NEW MOON Thursday September 14th at 6:40 pm, in the 22nd degree of Virgo. That evening offers an especially nice window for dream-seeding, which will continue until about 6:48am Pacific time the next morning.
  • Completing its extra-fine-tuning detail-y retrograde in Virgo, Mercury goes direct the day after the new moon, Friday September 15th and then moves into harmonizing Libra on October 4th.
  • Look up! In the sky Venus has returned to her stunning reign as morning star. In fact, here is an overview of the visible planets and night sky view for the month of September.
  • oh, Retrogrades… ???? At the time of the new moon, all of the outer planets are retrograde (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto). Add to that the recent retrograde tours Mercury and Venus have emerged from, and you start to get the feeling that we are repeating ourselves… Notice what grooves or patterns have been cropping up in your personal life, but also in the bigger picture. We are being granted a chance to revisit those sticking places and find new ways of being with them.
  • Enjoy the Fall Equinox and the Sun entering Libra on Friday September 22nd.
  • FULL MOON Wednesday September 29th, 2:58 am Pacific (6th-7th degree of Aries – “A man successfully expressing himself in two realms at once” is the Sabian symbol for the full moon).
  • Pluto has been moving retrograde since April and will station direct on Tuesday October 10th, likely flushing out any deep and hidden faultlines in the collective psyche.
  • Next New Moon, Saturday October 14, 2023.

Earthling 101

a FREE 3-part adventure into your true Earthling nature

Enjoy a fun and enchanting mini-course where we are all earthlings-in-training, each on a quest to find our way back into the circle of the world.

Elizabeth Russell has apprenticed herself to the voice of nature for most of her life. She has been exploring and innovating creative strategies for both personal and collective transformation for almost as long.

She is the founding force behind the Be Space Studio (2012-2018), the Life.Art.Being Integrative Arts Festival (2013-2017), Earth Dragon Press books to brighten the Earthling path, and the Dreamfruit series of almanacs and programs for Radical Belonging.

Elizabeth’s work inspires us to reconnect to the intelligence of nature by awakening and engaging our creative power as Earthlings.

*Visit my newly updated website to read my blog post about Radical Belonging and tracing the deep imagination back to our birthright wholeness.

If you know someone who is looking for ways to deepen their belonging with life on Earth, please share!

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