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“Look up! Light your life. The stars are kin. Heaven is home.”
~Jude Brown, astrologer and mother

Dear one,

In all the years I’ve been writing and sharing with you, this is hands down one of the most difficult newsletters I have written.

But I want you to know where I am. This is the time of year that normally would bring a very different message from me – about the launch of Dreamfruit 2024. And while that release is still happening, it will be delayed.

What other way can I say this? Yesterday I said goodbye to my beloved mother. I was honored to be her end-of-life companion, to be at her side through these many weeks of liminality and over her final threshold.

To fill you in, this August I came to live with my mother here in the sandhills of Nebraska, and have been giving day-to-day care as she transitioned out of chemo (stage 4) and into what we would normally call ‘hospice.’

The quotation marks are there for a reason… this is a highly rural area, and when they say hospice what they mean is … well, the nurse’s exact words might have been something like “There aren’t really any services. Folks out there tend to look out for each other.”

It has been a deeply tender time with just the two of us — not without its weirdnesses, mundanities, and profound beauty. I’ve drawn an incredible amount of comfort from the land here, as I know she did throughout her life.

Today, I am soul-tired and pretty ragged around the edges. The world has lost a unique and powerful traveler who I hope to share more about in the months to come.

My mother was a brilliant astrologer, a natural witch, and a wild edge-dweller. She taught me to find kinship in the stars and to breathe with the earth. Her life, her wild mind, and her potent spirit live at the core of me — and are deeply woven into the vision of Dreamfruit.

When we got the news about hospice and I told her I was on my way (from Oregon), she made me promise that I wouldn’t let her need for care take the place of completing this year’s book. As you might imagine, that’s been a pretty tall ask. But just over a week ago I was able to write the final line of the 13th dream of 2024.

There’s much to share about this next edition of Dreamfruit, and pre-orders will be opening up as soon as I am able. But all of that will need to wait just a little longer while my heart and mind reconfigure around the seismic change of a world without this fierce and precious soul.

Walking a parent to the edge of life is a profound honor, and has brought me personally to the very knife’s edge of the Mystery — day by day, hour by hour, breath by breath. Collectively, next year’s terrain is infused with a similar and poignant liminal tension as the world we’ve known dissolves and re-envisions itself. It’s a time to set the table for love and reconciliation, to lead with the heart, and to reach for integrity.

Wishing a peaceful heart and quiet mind to each and all of us in the days ahead.

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Elizabeth Russell has apprenticed herself to the voice of nature for most of her life. She has been exploring and innovating creative strategies for both personal and collective transformation for almost as long.

She is the founding force behind the Be Space Studio (2012-2018), the Life.Art.Being Integrative Arts Festival (2013-2017), Earth Dragon Press books to brighten the Earthling path, and the Dreamfruit series of almanacs and programs for Radical Belonging.

Elizabeth’s work inspires us to reconnect to the intelligence of nature by awakening and engaging our creative power as Earthlings.

*Visit my newly updated website to read my blog post about Radical Belonging and tracing the deep imagination back to our birthright wholeness.

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