Radical Belonging

tracing the deep imagination back to our birthright wholeness

Your creative nature holds the medicine our world needs now. When your ecospiritual heart awakens, life grows more magical and resilient ~ and a bright future can begin to unfold.

These days, that inborn sense of wholeness — your ecospiritual heart — can feel like a phantom limb rather than the vibrant birthright it is. Many of us have forgotten our Gaian roots and the dignity and power inherent there.

Can you hear it calling you?

Do you feel the longing to bring your unique creative responses to this rare Earth moment?

Without question, the world is at a crossroads. 

All at once, and epically, these two things are true:

  1. 1
    The Living Earth has been imperiled by the Great Forgetting — the myth that we are separate.

~ AND ~

  1. 2
    Our Creative Nature is rising up — we are restoring our inherent resilience and inter-relatedness with all life.
Meanwhile, another core truth endures . . .

Life on Earth is a sparkling web of call and response.
Our future depends on you making contact with who and what is calling you,
so that you can add your wholeness to the story of the world.

How we forget . . .

Fortunately/unfortunately, many of today’s crises are “mind-made”—they arise from minds caught in a trance of estrangement.

True and radical belonging starts when we can envision and sense new patterns and pathways toward the flourishing world we want. And yet we’ve cut ourselves off from our most vibrant and creative faculties.

Reconnection is a creative process, moving at the edges of our familiar world. It can’t be based in old-school mind. For many of us moderns, connection to Earth and larger Sources of Wisdom has been broken, and the flow of our natural, radical creativity has been strangled.

Earth is an inherently creative Being, and the forces of life are constantly flowing.
These realities hold great power – and natural, inherent wisdom.

How we belong . . .

This is why all of my offerings are rooted in practices that help us move beyond the habits of our colonized minds and into the fertile and wild creativity that is available to us when grounded by an Earth-connected, Cosmos-embedded consciousness.

This type of creativity allows us to tap into true power:
… growing into our birthright dignity as earth beings—Earthlings;
… and aligning with the truly healing innovations called of us now.

Connecting to this power requires re-activating your bonds with our living, conscious Earth. This is what I call Radical Belonging, and it is what all humans have access to, though many moderns have forgotten the way.

And hey, the great news is that an abundance of birthright tools and magical technologies are standing by to help refresh your inborn Earthling nature.

The essence of my work is to grow our ability to connect to Earth Wisdom and mindfully wield one of the most ancient technologies of transformation known to humankind—the power of story and imagination.

This is not dreary work. Nor is it another project or self-development “cause” for you to get busy with, but an elegant alignment with your inborn truth. Because, in reality, even with all of the wounds of the world, enchantment and magic are alive and woven into the fiber of life.

What better time than now to open the flow of life force through you, by coming home to your kinship with Earth, and the voice of your inner wise ones; and cultivating a playful and curious mind, nimble enough to weave the stories of our beautiful world ready to emerge?

Want to learn more?

I created a mini-adventure to guide you on your path back into radical belonging. It’s 100% free, and is the perfect introduction to three enchanted pathways toward your true Earthling nature.

Hi, I'm Elizabeth Russell.

I am a protector of the generative imagination, here to inspire your radical engagement with the cosmos and the living earth.

The essence of my work is to grow your ability to connect to Earth and sky wisdom, and to mindfully wield one of the most ancient technologies of transformation known to humankind—the power of story and imagination.

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