Creative impulses often show up as medicine, even when we don’t think we’re sick.

The first edition of the Dreamfruit Almanac came out in 2020. And we all know what a remarkable and strange year that was. It isn’t lost on me that this book and its storied landscape made its maiden voyage in a time of such profound uncertainty and shift. Creative impulses often show up as medicine, even when we don’t think we’re sick.

The more I come to understand what this little creature called Dreamfruit is and wants to be, the more I realize it is written to be both an imaginal guide and a practical companion through these exact times.

For much of my life I’ve held space for a wide range of creative and transformational processes — during our precious years in the Be Space Studio in Portland Oregon, and in the projects and communities before and since. I know what a privilege and skill it is to provide a loving container for creative exploration and authentic expression. And I think we are all deeply aware of just how vital it is to explore fresh modes of connection with one another and the natural world in this time of complexity.

There is always more to discover within the world of Dreamfruit. It is an almanac, yes. And yes, it’s an annual lunar planner and guided journal with calendar pages and creative prompts.

But at the heart of it, Dreamfruit is a chronicle of our current terrain, as told by the wild nature-mind dreaming through us.

Each lunar cycle brings another dreamchapter in our story of now.

And each of these dreams is like a glowing pebble on the path, leading us toward a regenerative world through the deep imagination.

From that first edition in 2020 when none of us could have guessed just how much of our world would be shaking loose, I’ve been amazed and humbled as I watch Dreamfruit serve as a balm and inspiration to so many. I guess this is just a love note and a thank you to all of the creatures who have been willing to share the journey. May we each discover the earthling-nature coursing through, and return to our birthright of radical belonging.

Yours on the journey,