12th New Moon of 2023
November 13 – December 11
Standing Moon

Lunar greetings! And my apologies for the broken link in yesterday’s message. I am re-sending so you can actually access the gift I’m offering.

Yesterday’s New Moon begins a cycle of reckoning with one’s conscience. In Dreamfruit this cycle is called the Standing Moon. As the days ahead unfold, they bring questions and challenges that begin to feel deeply personal; they ask each of us to discern and declare where we stand.

For eons human-made systems have risen, fallen, and completely transformed by effect of a single dissenting voice.

Think of a revolutionary act of love — whether in history or present time. How can it liberate your sense of possibility?

As you soften into the questions at hand, you’ll discover that the seed image for this lunation does not present an either/or scenario. “Standing” opens us to a process of growing more intimate with our core nature, our ecological selves.

How do you create and sustain the trust of this core nature, your inner Earthling?

To offer some care and tender possibility into the current landscape, I want to give you a small journey through this month’s Dreamfruit story. I hope it provides comfort or insight along the way.

See below for an invitation to access the dream and prompts designed to awaken heartful responses to challenging times.

Yours on the journey,

Lunar Tale of the Standing Moon

Enjoy a (free) glimpse into the story and themes of the moment. What values-driven choice do you feel is at hand?

Dreamfruit 2024
Lunar Almanac for Earthlings

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“We must take our time and slow down. We must rest and be mindful of the power of our imagination. The future is now.”
~ Tricia Hersey

Elizabeth Russell has apprenticed herself to the voice of nature for most of her life. She has been exploring and innovating creative strategies for both personal and collective transformation for almost as long.

She is the founding force behind the Be Space Studio (2012-2018), the Life.Art.Being Integrative Arts Festival (2013-2017), Earth Dragon Press books to brighten the Earthling path, and the Dreamfruit series of almanacs and programs for Radical Belonging.

Elizabeth’s work inspires us to reconnect to the intelligence of nature by awakening and engaging our creative power as Earthlings.

*Visit my newly updated website to read my blog post about Radical Belonging and tracing the deep imagination back to our birthright wholeness.

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