What’s this beautiful thing called authentic movement?

Getting ready to teach the next Movement for Earthlings series, I’ve been reflecting on what I love most about this approach to the body. When I am inside the movement, my attention is fully with my breathing body. I become aware of the shimmering field of sensation that is always there, vibrating just under the surface of daily life.

Moving with mindfulness, with this certain kind of intention and listening, slows things down in a way that feels rich and numinous.  The space around me develops a quality of substance, there is a feeling of continuity between my physical body and the world around me.  This is space, within & without.

On top of that, imagery and dreamscapes arise from within the body.  What lives here?  What story comes to life when I arrive at its doorstep to listen? Creatures, elements, colors & shapes unfold in these little windows of movement time.  

Ultimately, I enter a world that feels free and compassionate.  A sense of embodied self-acceptance arises when I take the space and time to simply meet myself on the floor. 

I consider this experience to be a fundamental gift living within each of us, which is why I say it is for Earthlings.  This is not ‘dance’ or a fitness program. This is not only for artists, yogis, or healing practitioners. This is a listening practice for everyone —  a way of being with oneself that brings a deep reward of gentleness, self-diplomacy, and grounded awareness.

Authentic Movement is a self-directed form of movement – usually without music – supported by a compassionate witness. There is no analysis, comparison, or interpretation. Throughout the series, we engage in simple body & space awareness practices, we write & draw, we meditate… and most of all, we listen and wish for each other the satisfaction of deep embodied presence.

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