make beauty everywhere
make beauty everywhere

Okay, so I know things have been a little quiet here. I have so much to tell you!

First of all, I’m just getting settled back at home from an incredible, inspiring, life-giving creative adventure with my dear artful/heartful collaborator, Elise Crohn.  We taught two very awesome workshops together at her gorgeous Juicy Creatives Studio and I was just blown away by the beautiful community that surrounds her. Smart, soulful, creative humans, all! So THANK YOU to Florida’s Juicy Creatives for welcoming me so warmly into your expressive journey. It was amazing to meet and create with you.

The very next day after arriving home from this great excursion, I had the extreme privilege of playing and creating with Portland’s own ensemble of powerful, playful, generous and heartful humans.  Between our Full Moon Drum Circle and simple sit-downs with Spaceling collaborators I landed back in the hands of Be Space’s profoundly nourishing creative community in just a matter of hours. Thank you dear friends of Space for enriching my life in so many ways.

It’s a blessing to realize that somehow we all manage to find our place in this world. And that place can rise to meet us just about anywhere we go. Why’s that?  Because the fastest most direct route to our right place in the world is through our own integrity and authentic expression.

How else would we recognize each other?!  When we have the courage and willingness to show up as we are, we invariably discover those other genuine souls who are doing the same.  Happy to be discovering you. 😉