One year ago this week we had the pleasure of sharing an evening with the sweet music of Racquel Russo and the lovely sounds of Friendship Valley.  Our friend Tom McLaren created this video to remind us of the warmth and delight of the 2013 Spring Benefit.

Be Space was just a pup at the time, not even a year old.  As businesses go, Be Space is still in her infancy.  But she knows what she wants and who she is growing into.  It’s inspiring to see a community – or many tiny communities – grow around the vision of this studio.  Nearly everyone who comes through the doors has a certain warmth, an open curiosity, and a willingness to share & be surprised.  It is a complete delight to see people connect, create, and offer week after week.  There is always something new waiting to unfold.

I was so touched when Tom sent this video over earlier this month.  Touched by his patient framing of the evening, by the smiling faces in the video, and by the reminder of the countless people who came together to support this new entity and welcome it into the world.

I realize it’s been a wickedly long time since I last posted on this page.  By a strange turn of the wheel, I have been busy adapting to more good fortune than I was prepared for this year.  I’m sure many would agree, being employed full time is a tremendous blessing and a challenge.  Nonetheless, Be Space is alive and thriving – with remarkable energy and great folks coming through each week.

One advantage of a full work table is that it forces a certain precision in the choices we make.  This summer’s upcoming Life.Art.Being Integrative Arts Festival is teaching me a lot about that.  If I miss anything right now, it is time connecting with the broader living earth.  So this year’s festival is intending to light up the shining thread between earth, body, presence, and genuine expression.

I hope you’ll be there, July 8-13.  We will explore practices of embodiment, mindfulness, deep play, and re-connection with the wider body & heart of earth. These are the connections that Be Space is devoted to making more shapely and accessible.  This is the vision that we celebrated together last year, and what we will continue to build together into the future.

Today is a new Spring moon and seems a great to time to share some gratitude and remember the journey.  Thank you to all of the shining humans who continue to grace the Space with their inspired ways.  Let’s see what happens next!