For many of us, winter can be a time of stillness and deep reflection; but this year has seemed particularly marked by collective heartbreak, bringing us to the brink of despair. Meanwhile outside, a new world is emerging. In that world, fawn lilies bloom and we remember ourselves as part of the great breathing world. Cycles are like this. They create a universal rhythm that invites us further into the community of life. Change, risk, and discovery are fundamental to this rhythm. But the first ingredient is courage.

To me, the human world feels like it is dangling on a precipice and demanding something new from each of us. It feels like a time to dive to the very bottom of the human heart and uncover the fierce compassion buried there. We dive again and again, and each time we are asked to remember the choices that brought us to this place, the insights we’ve collected along the way.

I wrote a short post for the Cairn Project’s blog about how we mark that journey and harvest its lessons. We can use those markers to evolve a sense of our personal narrative — giving it coherence and perspective — but also to awaken a sense of the collective story. I want us to be able to tell the story of how humans are finding our way back to the invisible thread that weaves between all things, bit by bit, dive by dive.

Be Space Updates

While Be Space continues to evolve and express in new ways, we are honored to share the wealth of lineage and depth of practice that form the ground for our community.

  • This week we celebrated Barbara Dilley’s 80th birthday as part of the first International Contemplative Dance Practice Day.  Happy birthday, Barbara! and thank you to the amazing extended CDP community for sharing such a special day of celebration all around the world.
  • The Work that Reconnects continues to guide us as we find ways to embrace the painful parts of our world and restore a sense of empowerment and belonging. For those in the Portland area, our monthly Elm Dance practice group continues to gather. Be in touch for details. In Eugene, a writing group based in the Work that Reconnects is forming right now. Details are in the sidebar.
  • With all of the studio changes, I’ve been sad to let go of our Full Moon Drum Circles in Portland. I feel thankful that we were able to share these monthly circles together for over six years! Ted and I have loved hosting a couple of these in Eugene over the winter, and look forward to more opportunities to listen and play together.

Wishing you courage and inspiration as the wheel of life continues to turn.

Elizabeth Russell is the joyful creator of Be Space and Life.Art.Being Integrative Arts.

Out of the Studio and Into the World

Be Space engages contemplative and creative practices, and uncovers their power to reconnect us to ourselves, to each other, and to our world. We are cultivating a community of brave, curious and playful individuals who value embodied self-expression, the intelligence of the creative process, and a renewed authentic connection with our living cosmos.