Moon Magic Workshop

Moon Magic for Earthlings: In-Person Workshop & Storyhour

Option 1: $20 Single Pass 
Option 2: $32 Single Pass + Dreamfruit Lunar Almanac for Earthlings 2024 PREMIUM Wire-O


Sunday April 21, 2024
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Community Cup Coffee
901 Pearl Street, Eugene Oregon

Step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary with "Moon Magic for Earthlings," an in-person workshop and story hour where the cosmos and the earth align.

Elizabeth Russell, local author and creator of the Dreamfruit Lunar Almanac, invites you into the symbols and story of the moment. Be guided into an ecopunk dreamscape, fully dedicated to uncovering new pathways toward a regenerative future.

Event Highlights:

  • Ecopunk Adventure into the dream-of-now
  • Creative Practices to connect with the Earth and Moon
  • Journal Magic for tuning in to the moon's natural wisdom
  • Join us for an inspiring night steeped in magic and moonlight at Community Cup Coffee
Join The Moon Magic for Earthlings: In-Person Workshop & Storyhour with Elizabeth Russell

Date: TBA




Set Your Course by Moonlight: Join us for an evening of remembering our birthright connection with Nature/Cosmos. In this special event, Elizabeth will guide you into simple yet profound rituals that reconnect your imagination to the Great Story already being told by the cosmos.

Chart Your Dreams with Moon-Based Planning and Journal Rituals: Leave with practical tools designed to awaken your earthling-nature and entrain with Luna's sojourn through the night sky.

Discover the world of Dreamfruit: a guided journal, moon-based planner, and imaginarium for a regenerative future.

join us in eugene for a special in-person event!

Moon Magic for Earthlings