We’ve shared over four years in our beautiful studio home, and now it’s time to take the next step together. Within these walls, we’ve grown a community with a range of needs and inspirations that all link back to the deeper purpose of Be Space – to cultivate presence and expressive freedom. Thank you for being a part of this ongoing vision!

I’m excited to announce that Be Space is joining a collective of creatives in a shared studio.  Beginning January 1, you will find us at 1532 SW Jefferson Ave, the Vibrant Studios location.

This move gives us an excellent opportunity to clarify and deepen our program focus; and also comes in response to changes in our current building & neighborhood.  I know I am not alone in my love for our current space – and it loves us so completely in return. However, with the sale of the Troy Laundry Building, rising rents, and uncertainty about the new owner’s future intentions for the building, it’s clear that we cannot proceed as before.

The new space brings many of the same qualities we love in our current home – warm and inviting energy, a gorgeous hardwood floor, a convenient central location – along with some welcome additions like a larger kitchen, reception area, skylights and a grand piano.  Not to mention the opportunity to cross-pollinate with a group of mutually inspiring humans.

We have shared remarkable adventures in this little oasis.  Our final event in this location is slated for January 2nd; which gives us over a month to enjoy parties, innovations, and Play Cycle offerings for a proper farewell to our current studio home.

I hope you’ll plan to join me for our traditional New Year’s Open Studio & Playtime in the new studio.  That will be a sweet opportunity to welcome the new year and its fresh beginnings, and to fill the new space with our energy, community, and good wishes.

I will keep you posted as our schedule and programming continues to take shape.  As always, you can stay informed and up to date on classes and events by visiting the website, our Facebook page, and subscribing to the newsletter.

So much to celebrate.  And meanwhile, the world turns.
Making it bright together,