I realize it’s been a long period of silence here, and now I want to say thank you. Thank you for receiving all of the gifts that Be Space has to offer to our community. Thank you for co-creating with me and with the living, breathing earth. Thank you for trusting the creative process in your life, and for making room for that process in mine.

It’s been over a year since we officially closed the doors to our physical studio in Portland. I’ve been in deep transition ever since. Transition is a powerful thing. Some days feel like a fertile void, others like a bottomless pit. I feel blessed by all of the decades I’ve studied at the feet of the creative process. Because of the ways it has taught me, I’ve been able to meet this in-between time with a certain amount of acceptance & grace.

Befriending the unknown can cast in clearer terms what is known. What I know is that we were blessed by the years we were held in the loving walls of a dedicated physical location. I’ve heard from many of you that those years stand out as a shining jewel in our community’s timeline, and I couldn’t agree more. And while we won’t be able to share in the same way we enjoyed within that particular space, it is abundantly clear that the world remains hungry for the authentic presence, expressive play, and embodied compassion that Be Space stands for.

I’m still living in the beautiful questions, not ready to make any grand pronouncements about the future course of this endeavor. At the same time, though, I’m feeling richly alive and curious about what we can create and enjoy together now. Today, the question I’m hanging out with is:

How can I be of joyful service to the Great Turning that we so keenly sense the need for?

For now, I’m making some simple offers to help bring in this new cycle of time. We are in the early days of 2019 and this month I’ve had the pleasure of co-leading a workshop with Stephanie Shea that brings some of the key astrological notes for the year into personal focus through creative play. It’s been a joy to see so many new & familiar faces from the Be Space community at each of our events in the Portland area, and I’m eager to see folks at our Eugene workshop this weekend.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that this year is ushering in some soul-searching energy that we could all benefit from tapping. If you missed the workshops or would like to have a personal look at how you can best greet the energies of the year ahead, I’d be honored to give you a 30-minute New Year reading. I’ve been reading Tarot for 25 years, and I love using cards in my one-on-one sessions and expressive arts processes. Mini-readings are just $36, and can be in person if you’re local to Eugene, by Zoom video call, or even email.

I’ve also created the Inner Path Almanac, a cool little planner for 2019 that you can download here for $6. It incorporates many of the headlining astrological transits, as well as my own insights, cartomancy, and poetic license. It’s filled with prompts & tips for compassionate engagement of this year’s dominant themes. You can learn more here.

And of course, I’m always happy to set up an in-depth session to support your journey into authentic expression, creative entrepreneurship, or project development. Learn more on this page.

Regardless of how our paths intersect in this new chapter, I am sending bright wishes that your compass guide you into the world’s story with power, grace, creative intelligence, and compassion.