“…[begin] with an understanding that the impulse to create, express and connect is universal, that we all are culture-makers, and that art is highly social, moral and cognitive.”

Getting ready for this weekend’s Studio Opening, a friend passed this article along to me about the role of Teaching Artists in our communities. It is a lovely discussion of what can unfold when we place value on creative intelligence.

Creating Be Space is a way for me to support the vital role the expressive arts play in our social and personal well-being.

For the past several weeks I have been meeting with a remarkable array of artists and cultural creatives. Inviting these people to co-create with the studio has been a source of amazement and privilege for me. You will see some of these people on the schedule of events in the coming months.

My wish is that everyone who comes through Be Space can catch a spark of the underlying love and inspiration the people teaching here bring to their work.  And that we can begin to glimpse a world where artists are encouraged as a key source of social resilience.

If you come this weekend, you will have the chance to meet some of these folks — Kris Bella from FreeArts NW and teaching artist Melanie Gurley to name a couple.