Lunar Tales for Earthlings : Dreamfruit 2024 Pocket-Sized


Pocket-Sized Adventure for 2024!
Dreamfruit Lunar Tales for Earthlings

Step into the world of Dreamfruit,
an eco-spiritual dreamscape that helps you envision a flourishing path through the changes and challenges of our time.

The thirteen dreams in this small book uncover a mythic journey through the imaginal landscape of 2024.

The story that unfolds here taps your inner visionary and restores a sense of radical belonging with the living Earth.

Discover the astrological degree symbols animating the year ahead, along with monthly prompts and moon-based insights to brighten the pathway toward your Earthling nature.

Dreamfruit Lunar Tales for Earthlings is a pocket-sized adventure filled with monthly musings, and is just the beginning of your journey into the world of Dreamfruit. Explore these themes all year long with its companion lunar planner and guided journal,
Dreamfruit Lunar Almanac for Earthlings.

Dreamfruit Lunar tales for Earthlings 2024

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