“Compassion is the keen awareness of
the interdependence of all things.”
~ Thomas Merton

Hi friend,

I’ll be writing tomorrow with a big announcement and a preview of next year’s themes.

But in this moment I wanted to share a simple audio download that invites one possible way of being with the energies that are swirling through the world — on a personal and collective level.

Here, in this modern world, some part of us always remembers no separation and wants to give care.

Lunar Tale of the Covenant Moon

A guided audio adventure into the themes of the moment. What is within your hands to do? What has been placed in your care?

Wishing a peaceful heart and quiet mind to each and all of us in the days ahead.

pssst… Cover reveal! Check out this short video with the first peek at the 2024 edition of Dreamfruit …

Dreamfruit 2024 Lunar Almanac for Earthlings

Here it comes!
Our annual
Community Supported Publishing Campaign…

Doors opening any minute!

Elizabeth Russell has apprenticed herself to the voice of nature for most of her life. She has been exploring and innovating creative strategies for both personal and collective transformation for almost as long.

She is the founding force behind the Be Space Studio (2012-2018), the Life.Art.Being Integrative Arts Festival (2013-2017), Earth Dragon Press books to brighten the Earthling path, and the Dreamfruit series of almanacs and programs for Radical Belonging.

Elizabeth’s work inspires us to reconnect to the intelligence of nature by awakening and engaging our creative power as Earthlings.

*Visit my newly updated website to read my blog post about Radical Belonging and tracing the deep imagination back to our birthright wholeness.

If you know someone who is looking for ways to deepen their belonging with life on Earth, please share!

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