A joyful primer on Radical Belonging

Join me for a FREE 3-part adventure into your true Earthling nature.

Enter an earthling story of magic and imagination, of moss and stone and animistic hum, of regenerative dreams and collective healing.

As we speak, there is an unbreakable story moving through you and through the world.

We are all heroes of this story, which begins like this . . .

The living Earth

has been imperiled, and

our creative nature

is rising up . . .

Can you feel it? Earth’s children are in deep distress and resilient adaptation.

We are fervently mending the frayed bond between ourselves and the living earth . . .

Earthling 101 guides you along enchanted pathways to reconnect with the living Earth.
Earthling 101 is a mini-course where we are all earthlings-in-training, each on a quest to find our way back into the circle of the world.
Earthling 101 introduces three birthright tools for your mythopoetic quest to recover the natural brilliance of your ecological heart.
With Earthling 101, I set out to create a fun and inspiring jaunt through a strange but familiar landscape. You will be warmly guided along three special pathways to help on your journey – magical animism, natural time, and deep imagination. I call these “joyful means" for radical belonging, and they will help you plot your course into the participatory dance of a flourishing world.

Many of us have felt paralyzed and overwhelmed by the runaway train of modernity, climate peril and all the rest – how about you? Given the massive scale of change in our world, if you are struggling with uncertainty and doubt about the best path forward, you’re not alone. On a day-to-day basis the sheer pitch of the Anthropocene can show up as personal stress, confusion, fatigue and numb disconnect.

We can get caught in a loop of overwhelm when we aren’t in contact with Earth, the very Source and Flow of life.

Luckily, there are birthright tools and magical technologies to help you revivify the ancient, unbroken bond between yourself and the living body of earth. And when you do, you will hear the whispers and dreams of Gaia singing and moving through you. You arrive at what I call radical belonging, which roots you in a new/ancient dance with the power and flow of life.*

You become what you were always meant to be, a radiant creature in kinship with the living Earth.

the pathways

Magical Animism: Seeing the world around you as sentient will awaken your empathy and soften the distinctions between you and “other.” Plants, stones, creatures, and even the written word can sparkle with mutual presence and agency.

Natural Time: Moving your mind out of linear time and into the flow of lunar cycles takes practice, but it is a surefire path to tuning into the larger cosmic intelligence. Inner states can synchronize with outer rhythms as we open to subtle cues from nature.

Deep Imagination: Symbols and dreams form a root communication tool between you and Nature, and can break through overly linear modes of perception. This inborn faculty can be applied with practical intent to discover new responses to the challenges of our time.

Stepping onto the Earthling path will open you to countless adventures and discoveries. Folks who have traveled into the world of Dreamfruit and radical belonging report these among them:

"An embodied and sensed connection with the sacred circle of the world."

"Insight into radical empathy with more-than-human beings."

"Empowerment that arises from a felt sense of belonging and kinship with Earth."

"Synchronicities and greater flow with the natural unfolding intelligence of Life."

"Delight from sharing common story, image, and a mutual dreamscape with fellow travelers."

Enter an earthling story of magic and imagination, of moss and stone and animistic hum, of regenerative dreams and collective healing.
This is lunarpunk -- a visionary scape where enchantments are as common as the new moon rising, and where a flourishing world flickers and surges from the center of our blooming Earthling nature.

Step onto the path!
This special mini-course was lovingly designed to unlock the magical path to Radical Belonging.
All participants receive an invitation to a private Facebook group of thoughtful and inspiring fellow Dreamfruit Travelers.
Immersive experiences can enliven your innately rich and complex nature. For that reason, I've prepared a special playlist that you will receive upon signup to accompany you along the way.
AND, when you register for Earthling 101 you’ll also gain access to a mini-tour of the world of Dreamfruit and the joyful means available within it.