Sit with your friends; don’t go back to sleep  
Don’t sink like a fish to the bottom of the sea.  
Life’s water flows from darkness.

~ Rumi

Welcome to the Metanoia Moon — the fourth New Moon of 2020. We are alive inside an uncertain time, and learning much about ourselves and our world right now. As the moon turns the corner toward the next cycle, I can’t help but notice the prescience of last month’s message — here is a tiny excerpt, but you can read the whole post here:

This is a time to consider ways to be in generous exchange with the world. What do you bring to market? What do you receive in trade?
So much of what the world needs at this time is not what the mainstream economy has placed value on. All around us we see systems breaking down and conventional leadership failing us. What do you consider to be most crucial to the emerging culture? In this time of profound uncertainty, transition and adaptation, it is vital that we keep our hearts and minds open. It is what humans do — when we are not in a frozen state of shock or despair. We bring the truth of what we feel and what we can imagine into the collective conversation. We experiment with new models when the old ones stop working.

As this new lunar cycle begins (in Dreamfruit, it is named the Metanoia Moon) we welcome the sweet new leaves and buds of Spring with gratitude for the beauty of life.

At the same time, we are being asked to metabolize our collective shadow — fear of death and the unknown, grief over our disconnection from nature, leadership models that have grown toxic, and a spinning moral compass.

This is the space-between.

I mentioned earlier this year that we are passing through the eye of the needle in 2020, and clearly this passage has begun. In many magical traditions, the initiatory process includes an encounter with a ‘guardian at the gate’. Sometimes there is a toll or tribute to be paid before stepping over the threshold. We make a sacrifice and become uncomfortable as a way of signaling the psyche that deep transformation is afoot.

While we confront blind spots and navigate the unknown we are, all of us, undergoing a Copernican shift in worldview that places the well-being of the collective at the center rather than the individual.

We’re being encouraged to get real about grief and denial, and about the sacrifices we are called to make in service to the community of life. The path is unfamiliar and the stakes are high. Tread with loving purpose and great care.