It’s at precisely these times, with the world in trouble and calamity, that the calling within each of us becomes louder and more pronounced. We can hear the rumblings of deep purpose and conviction, initiating what Jean Houston calls ‘jump time.’

Times of crisis and uncertainty have the potential to snap us out of the illusion of control, bring us face to face with the nature of suffering, and ultimately draw us toward wholeness. At the very moment we feel adrift and overwhelmed, activating our individual creative power becomes a radical means of collective recovery.

Research finds again and again that mindful action during times of shock and change is a key ingredient in mitigating the trauma response. By remaining present to, and compassionately engaged with, the pain of the world we are able to respond, to protect, to act on behalf of all life.

And so, integrative arts. What are we up to with these practices?

I believe, and have witnessed repeatedly, that this sweet mix of practices brings a deeper sense of presence and natural intelligence. Many things happen with integrative arts journeys. And as we cultivate fresh awareness within the creative process, opportunities for transformation arise.

First, we find that we’re able to make friends with and quiet the judging mind. This creates a space for the seed syllable within us to be revealed and amplified.

Then, as we enter the unknown and risk making creative ‘mistakes’, we discover a capacity for self-compassion, generosity, and courage. It’s these qualities that call the inner seed forward into aligned expression.  We begin to notice a creative honesty in our work, relationships, and life choices.

Finally, we deepen in our dedication to this authenticity. We come to see our creative power as part of a larger ecology of wholeness. We become fiercely devoted to this sense of liberated purpose and true direction. Our unique voice of creation begins to shine as a radically beautiful path.

By practicing & trusting this process, a different mode of consciousness arises. This mode represents the shift which we desperately need. Imagine and feel it vibrate within you. Now imagine it rippling and vibrating at the collective level. Consider this as a practical act.

In the moment of creative awakening, we become witness to a timeless magic. We see something arise from nothing. We see new patterns – new beauty – emerge from chaos.

Please join me for the 5th annual Life.Art.Being integrative arts festival. We will take a three-part journey over the course of nine days, July 28 – August 5:
Friday through Monday, July 28 – 31,  Beginning: Intend and Dedicate
Tuesday through Friday, August 1 – 4,  Middle: Immerse and Embody
Saturday, August 5,  End:
Express and Go Forth

I continue to be grateful for the many ways our community rises to greet the heart & vision of this project.  The Life.Art.Being festival manifests each year by virtue of this support. Details can be found at, or on the Be Space website.

The streams of practice which converge in the Life.Art.Being mandala are:
Contemplative: leading us to the capacity for being with ‘what is, as it is’
Embodied: bypassing the thinking/verbal mind and discovering a deeper knowing
Creative: bringing the story to life and expressing art as generosity
Interconnected: restoring our sense of belonging and sacred contract with the living earth